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Bills sign Sean McDermott to contract extension

Bills head coach Sean McDermott has piloted the team to two playoff berths in his first three seasons on the job and that’s bought him more time to run the

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How do we prioritize what we see?

It is known that different regions of the brain help us prioritize information so we can efficiently process visual scenes. A new study by a team of neuroscientists has discovered

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BHP plans sale of Australian Bass Strait oil and gas stake

BHP Group said on Tuesday it plans to sell its 50% stake in the Australian Bass Strait oil and gas venture as it seeks to focus on its higher-value petroleum

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Upcoming feature will explain changes introduced by big Windows 10 updates

Have you ever installed a major Windows 10 update and thought, “Right, so what did that do?” Microsoft isn’t always very explicit about what changes an update has introduced, but

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Concerned postal workers lay blame for delays squarely on recent overhauls

Five days a week, Lori Cash leaves her house when it’s still dark out to get to her job at the Depew Post Office in upstate New York. Cash, a

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