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The Giants are going to get their first live action against their own.

Via Tom Rock of Newsday, Giants coach Joe Judge said his team would hold a live intrasquad scrimmage next Friday, as they try to come up with ways to replace canceled preseason games.

“That will look a whole lot like every high school and college football scrimmage in America, offense on one sideline and defense on the other,” Judge said. “We’ll create situations on the field, let them play live football all the way through. We have to have an opportunity to let our guys play at full speed and let them go out and experience the game and demonstrate that they can operate in it when coaches aren’t yelling in their ear and trying to make corrections.

“We just want to get them out there and let them play.”

Such opportunities will be scarce, since the COVID-19 pandemic also condensed training camp schedules. Judge said he’s going to have a scrimmage each of the three weeks before they open the regular season, as they continue to gradually ramp up activity.

They’re not allowed to practice offense against defense until Friday, and then next Monday, they’ll move up to fully padded work, giving them a few days to get ready to hit each other.